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Thank you for buying !!


  • just download the file ‚pwKey.exe.2.3.2.zip‘

  • extract the application file ‚pwKey.exe‘

  • copy it to any folder you like (we prefer Desktop)

  • start it by double-clicking

  • set your master password

  • a new file ‚pwKey.xml‘ is created

  • ‚pwKey.exe‘ and ‚pwKey.xml‘ is all you ever need

  • enjoy using pwKey !!

  • see below on how to activate your license

On first starting pwKey.exe you have to set the master password.



Select Settings / License in the main menu.




Just use the license key which was send to you by Digistore.com <support@digistore24.com>

Thank you for using pwKey

In case you have purchased a license the payment is processed by Digistore24.com.

You will get an email from Digistore24-Support <support@digistore24.com> with your license key.

In case of any problem please write an email to contact@moduLatis.com